How to use ng-options in a custom directive for a dropdown

  01 Aug 2013

Sometimes you want to style select boxes in a way that requires a few extra HTML tags, like this:

While I’m not going into detail for the CSS behind the visuals, I will outline how you can build a directive to give you the proper HTML to build such a visual element.

Doing this kind of thing can be a little tricky with AngularJS because you’ll still want to properly utilize ng-options. The directive ng-options is terminating, which means that no other directives can be executed after it has. If you use ng-options on your own directive, say <select-box ng-options=”my.options”> you can’t use any directives within <select-box>‘s template.

To properly mirror the select box functionality, we’ll need to do things a little differently. We’ll add a few extra attributes:

  • options – an array of data used to populate the dropdown
  • optExp – the expression used to read the options. Note that this expression should be reading values from options


    <select-box name="demo" ng-model="myValue" options="myOptions" optExp=" for t in options | orderBy:'name'" defaultLabel="Select One"></select-box>

    The directive:

    directive('selectBox', function () {
     return {
         replace: true,
         restrict: 'E',
         scope: false,
         template: function (element, attrs) {
             if (!angular.isDefined(attrs.defaultLabel))
                 attrs.defaultLabel = "";
             return '<div class="selectBox selector">'+
                         '<select name="' + + '" ng-model="' + attrs.ngModel + '" ng-options="' + attrs.optexp + '"' + ((attrs.required) ? ' required' : '') + '></select>'+
         link: function (scope, el, attrs) {
             scope.$watch(attrs.ngModel, function () {
                 var model = scope.$eval(attrs.ngModel);
                 //when value changes, update the selectBox text
                 if (angular.isDefined(model) && angular.isDefined( {
                     el[0].firstChild.innerText =;

    View this code live in a plunker here:

    Requires AngularJS v1.1.4+

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